Product Type: Airsoft – Safety & Targets

Airsoft Targets - Soft Sticky Target

Enhance your soft gun marksmanship with this target designed for indoor/outdoor use. Dont worry about chasing spent bbs all over the place to find them after shooting – the target clings to the bbs keeping them adhered to the target. No arguing over who the best shot is either! Perfect sticky target for Spring Air Soft guns. Has a catch tray at the bottom of the target to collect your air soft BBs. Unit measures inside target dimensions of 6 x 6. Yellow surface of target face has a instant adhesive for the 6mm pellets to stick to. The special adhesive rubber pad makes the bullets strongly adhere to the target. Pellets will drop to the bottom of the container after staying on the pad for about 10 seconds. Rubber sticky surface is washable Perfect for indoor use

Airsoft – Safety & Targets Soft Sticky Target

Soft Sticky Target Price: $12.99

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