Product Type: Airsoft Spring Rifles – Other Brands

Airsoft Spring Rifles - M16A1 Airsoft BB Rifle

This airsoft rifle is great for the beginner. Very close in form and function to the real steel M-16A1, this inexpensive airsoft rifle will provide hours of enjoyment. With this M-16A1 replica, the admiration continues in the sports realm of AirSoft.

Comes complete with 1000 .12g bbs, safety goggles and rifle strap.
SPECIFICATIONS: M-16A1 ABS Plastic airsoft rifle BB quick loading tube included Dimensions: 39″ Long, 10 1/4 ” Tall, 3 Lb. Barrel: 11 1/2 ” Range: 130′ Effective, 160′ Maximum Capacity: 65 Rounds Velocity: 290 Fps (.12 Grams), 240 Fps (.20 Grams)

Airsoft Spring Rifles – Other Brands M16A1 Airsoft BB Rifle

M16A1 Airsoft BB Rifle Price: $24.99

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